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Stock Trading for beginners:


Get familar with theses basic stock trading terms from our friends at Turbo Option Trading.


What is short selling?: 

“Short selling is a distinctive trading strategy that allows investors to profit from declining asset prices. Understanding this concept is essential for a comprehensive grasp of financial markets. In short selling, an investor borrows an asset (usually a stock) they believe will decrease in value. They then sell this borrowed asset in the market, with the intention of repurchasing it at a lower price in the future. The profit is the difference between the selling price and the repurchase price, minus any associated borrowing costs. Costs of borrowing can fluctuate based on the availablity of shares. These can become quite expensive in some cases, which drives many speculators to the second most popular method of bear trading: put options.”

Turbo Option trading

How to understand moving averages?

Per Turbo Option Trading: “Moving averages serve as the cornerstone of technical analysis, with mathematical functions designed to calculate averages or variations of averages of underlying stocks. Numerous technical indicators rely on the smoothing properties of moving averages as part of their calculations.”

This expands further into Simple Moving Average which are ” a fundamental tool used to calculate an average price over a specified time frame. This moving average reflects changes in price values over time.”


Free Stock Charts made simple to read interactive stock charts in Bull Market Charts vs. Bear Market Stock Charts how to turn the Daily stock charts into daily stock profits

New Stock Chart Trends are set up daily with Candle stick Charts to guide Day Trader Charts into high profitable trading with technical stock charts.

Intraday stock charts set up price ranges that show Daily Stock Trends with financial stock charts with entry and exits using Big Chats that turn profits with Daily-Stock-Charts.

Daily Stock Trending Charts. Daily Stock Trends shows a new Daily stock chart for beginners on how to sell Stocks Short when falling in price.

Stock Trading Chart Trends show stock charts moving higher and higher learning to let the online Daily Stock Chart trends 1 day to 3 days to 5-days. Stock Pattern Trends Power Daily Stock Traders.

Daily Stock charts Technical Trading shows how to read stock charts with New Trading Chart Skills that power every new stock trading beginner. will show all new Daily- stock- chart- strategies and how to read all the New Big Charts. A Daily Stock Chart Instructor will provide the Daily Stock Charts for new Stock Traders. Sign Up Today.

Daily Stock Charts what are Candlesticks?

What are Candlesticks?: “Candlesticks, a fundamental concept in trading, are visual representations of price movements. The key characteristic of a candlestick is its ability to display the area between the opening and closing prices, using different colors or patterns to indicate the price direction.”
 – Turbo Option Trading

You’ll see the following types in trading:


Technical Stock Charts. in section covers IN DETAIL the Simple moving average, which is simply an average price over some time, the exponential moving average, which is more complex and places extra weight on prior values, plus several other types of moving averages like weighted averages, triangular averages,  price time-series average calculations on prior values, plus several other types of moving averages like weighted averages, triangular averages, time series calculations, keeps calculating as prices in stocks go up and or down.


In this section, Our complete Technical Analysis Trading  materials have been written so all new stock traders or advanced traders have the complete mathematical guides in easy to use accurate tools while trading your stocks this simple to use training powers you with the live examples

There are many more technical indicators we have narrowed down 5 indicators to walk you through as a new stock trading beginner with hands-on every step of the way we will meet with you in live market hours and weekends and evenings for new traders to start.

  • Identify the Primary, Intermediate, and Short term trends breaking out or breaking down
  • Option Trading opportunities using Put Options for down trending stocks. We reccomend this Turbo Option Trading guide on bear trading.
  • Identify specific entry and exit signals.
  • Set up specific steps to protect your account from losses and protect profits
  • Identify specific entries, exits, and stop-loss points on all options using our system