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ISRG Down $20 Earnings Season Underway Buying Intraday Dips Selling Rips. Shares of Facebook (FB) in after hours hit an intraday high of $84.74 and dropped to $82.88 in after hours. EBay Earnings Pop Up to $59.50 They Beat Earnings to the Upside big Move! Chipotle CMG Big Earnings Miss Predicted Down $50 Trading After Hours Earnings 2015. Learn how to profit from huge moves in CMG which always make great short and long plays on earnings. We called for this move on our 4/19 Join us in our live Trading Room and learn how you can make huge gains on equities and options using our Powerful Trading Formulas!



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Dow Jones 2015 Huge Drop Technical Analysis & Market Commentary What You Need to Know (VIDEO). Learn how to make money from huge drops in the Dow using our trading formulas we built for our traders.

S&P 500 Puts 2160 biggest money profited intraday combined with options trading on the 2070 puts with a $1.90 entry highs of $14.60. We’ll cover the huge profits the 2040 puts 25 cents highs $3.40 there were several.

Stock Market Dell Off 2015 Market Bubble S&P 500, Dow, Nasdaq, Nasdaq 100, Dow Transportation Index, and more. Learn why markets are overbought and well sell off.

Options Trading Education NFLX HUGE $16 Down Move Put Options Payday (VIDEO). Learn how to make money trading options on Netlfix (NFLX). We’ll cover the huge move and how our options traders were able to identify the entry to get short.

Options Trading Calls vs Puts Neflix.com (NFLX) 2015. We’ll cover all the live options trading analysis on both the put and call side of the market. We’ll cover call charts and put charts.

S&P 500 2015 Worst Performance in 2 Months Huge Selling! 2.3 billion volume going into the closing bell learn why today’s performance was predicted in advance by DailyStockCharts.com.

Dow Jones Crushed 332 Points Down We Called Major Bubble on 3-5-2015 Huge Selling Today! 2.3 billion volume going into the closing bell Learn why today’s performance was predicted in advance by StockMarketFunding.com.

Biotech Stock Index BTX Overbought Buy Put Options Nasdaq Biotech Correction Coming (VIDEO). Learn how to profit from trading put options on the right biotech stocks, ETFs, and indexes at the right time.

ALL INDEXES ARE IN BUBBLE! TOPS MOVING FORWARD TECH BUBBLE IS COMING DOWN IN 2015, 2016 In this live stock market trading analysis we’ll cover long term economic trends and the bubbles they create.

How to Trade Options NFLX $485 & $480 Puts Intraday on a 15 Minute Chart. Learn how to make money trading options on Netflix (NFLX) using advanced options trading strategies pricing options based on 15 minute chart trends.

NASDAQ 500 All Time High Reversal Overbought Index Pullback Underway (VIDEO). Learn how to profit from market declines through this live stock market index analysis training video

S&P 500 Intraday 2015 Pullback How to Trade Put Options on Index Getting Paid (VIDEO). Learn how to make money trading the SPX. We’ll cover the intraday and long term trading strategies on the S&P 500.

Nasdaq Composite 15 Year Highs Pullback is Coming Overbought 15 Points 5000 Nasdaq (VIDEO). Learn how markets put in blow off tops at the high. We’ll cover how to make money from the coming drop off all time highs.

Tesla Learn How to Trade Weekly Intraday Options $200 Call Entry (VIDEO). We’ll also cover the entry on the $210 and how big options profits are made on these weekly intraday options trading strategies

Options Alert Service AMZN Daily Chart Weekly & Monthly Call & Put Charts (VIDEO). Learn how to make money trading options through the DailyStockCharts.com Options Alert Service!